Our Staff

Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson

Digital Print Operator


When you visit our shop, the music coming from the back can usually be blamed on Amy. As she’s very gently coaxing the xerox machines to comply with our customers’ demanding color accuracy, alignment and quality needs, she’ll typically have her Pandora account blasting in the background to help keep her focused. Ranging everywhere from Classic Rock to Symphonic Metal to Broadway Musicals to Electronica, the best way to describe her play lists would be “musical whiplash”.

With a passion for the artistic, she takes pride in the combination of technology and good old fashioned artistic sense that is needed to yield quality prints from the Xerox laser machines in her care. A strong eye for color matching and alignment allows her to go the extra mile to make sure your prints come out just right with every job she runs for you.

In her free time she enjoys writing fiction, tinkering with web design, dabbling in drawing, and experimenting with photography. When spending time with her friends, she’s just as likely to be wandering places like Muir Woods, Downtown San Francisco, or a random beach as she is to be partying at a club, catching a live concert, or just hanging out and playing games.