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Dan Carhart

Dan Carhart



Born and raised on a wind swept Colorado farm, Dan learned early the value of hard work and has spent the rest of his life staying off the farm and away from farmwork.

Dan is the father of two aspiring rock stars. Lisa, a graduate at UCSB, is currently teaching AP Econ and history at Dublin HS. Alan is actively pursuing his educational and artistic pursuits. Dan's been married to Gail for over 32 years.

Dan's been in the printing business for over 21 years, where his motto is "whatever it takes" and normally it takes everything! Dan enjoys "fixing" just about anything that has a motor, gears or any other moving part.

In Dan's spare time he rides a bike in tight lyra shorts and colorful shirts throughout the Tri-Valley area. So, if you see him please give him a very loud honk, it's always fun to see a biker hit the next parked car or curb!